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21th Annual Conference » May 19-21 2016 » Copenhagen Denmark

One of the best conferences for strategists, campaigners, and political consultants as well as new beginners.

At 21th Annual EAPC Conference, you’ll get behind-the-scenes perspectives on the newest within political strategies, political insight on global matters, the latest election campaigns and mush more. Registration includes 2 days of keynotes, panels and presentations, as well as exclusive networking events with great social events and venues in the wonderful city of Copenhagen.

You’ll have the chance to connect and learn from the revolutionaries of pioneers, strategists, digital politics, advocacy, and social media.

EU is at a crossroad. The nationalistic parties are gaining more and more voters at the national elections. The missing solutions on the emigrant aspects are no helping the EU either. The crises around the world if difficult for EU the help if the member states don’t speak with one voice.

The future is around the corner, but is Europe ready for the future?


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